We believe students should not be forced to study according to the Common Core State Standards in order to be competitive on their college applications. We believe logic and proficiency should govern over ideology.

Assessment of Readiness for College


Testing can be a tool for assessing both proficiency as well as higher learning skills. But when testing is driven by nationalized content, it can be a tool for disenfranchising those who have chosen an education that is not governmentally prescribed. True education is a lifelong process that extends well beyond the standardized classroom. So, why should students be limited in their options of educational instruction?


At Vector A.R.C. we believe every student should be afforded  a fair opportunity at college acceptance. We don't think students should be disadvantaged for not having studied in alignment with the Common Core State Standards. By offering an alternative assessment to both SAT and ACT, students who have selected an education not based on Common Core, will no longer be penalized in their college applications by being forced to take a test that aligns with CCSS.        


Are you ready to learn about your options?


The goal of A.R.C. is to provide colleges with an accurate assessment of your readiness for college, by giving them a clear picture of both your ability to utilize higher level thinking skills as well as your proficiency within various fields. 

Without an alternative to the SAT and ACT, students will be forced to compete based solely upon CCSS and effectively be denied academic freedom. 

Working to preserve both your academic freedom AND your college options.